It finally happened!

I would like to thank all my sponsors since my starting contributing to Debian in 2006. Also, cheers to my AM, Adeodato Simó (dato). It has been quite a long NM process due to us both being quite busy with other things but all in all it has been a very pleasant experience.

Posted mer. 10 nov. 2010 07:57:28 CET

With work taking most of our time lately, my girlfriend and I needed to find as many ways as possible to change our minds once we were back home. This is how we found a real enjoyable online RPG called Nodiatis.

The game has reached quite a high level of maturity. There is a large community of players and the game allows a great deal of different characters' builds ranging from the basic but very efficient warrior to the more difficult to play but, in my opinion, more interesting to play spell caster.

With as many as 26 classes and a whole load of different skills, this is one of the richest web-based online RPG we have ever played.

Posted dim. 22 nov. 2009 15:28:50 CET

Ok... Even though I am extremely busy and have had very little time to do anything Debian-related lately, I guess I'll have to do this one day or another, so here it is.

I created a new GPG key which I am transitionning to and I have prepared a transition document signed by both keys.

Posted mar. 17 nov. 2009 17:34:11 CET

Intel and Nokia announced yesterday their opensource telephony solution, oFono. In addition to that, it looks like Intel is hiring 3G Software Integration Engineers and 3G System Architects in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

It is quite easy to jump to the conclusion that there is something going on there, isn't it?


Intel and Nokia Announce Strategic Relationship to Shape Next Era of Mobile
Computing Innovation
The Intel and Nokia effort includes collaboration in several open source
mobile Linux software projects. Intel will also acquire a Nokia HSPA/3G
modem IP license for use in future products.

Source: Intel News Release

Posted mar. 12 mai 2009 11:30:19 CEST

I finally received an HP mv2120 last week. This is thanks to Martin Michlmayr who decided to ship ARM hardware he no longer needed to people who can do something useful with them.

The moment I opened the package I could not resist playing with it but to my great disappointment I realized my girlfriend's computer didn't have any serial port. This did not quite stop me and I ordered an USB-Serial converter.

My plans with the device are:

  • Improve ARM EABI support in Debian/Ubuntu (which is actually pretty good already).
  • Help adding support for the Orion 88F5182 crypto engine in the Linux kernel since it looks like somebody has already started working on it.
Posted ven. 10 avril 2009 11:20:02 CEST

Ok. I finally decided to switch to ikiwiki for my blog as well. Let's see how it works.

Posted mer. 04 mars 2009 14:40:11 CET