Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately. This list is far from complete and should be updated quite regularly (well.. I hope so).

Debian Packages

  • wide-dhcpv6: WIDE DHCPv6 Debian packages
  • quicksynergy: a configuration GUI for synergy
  • Freevo modules such as kaa-metadata or kaa-imlib2

A more complete list is available on my Debian QA page.

Misc contributions and developments

  • A hiking trips sort-of-summary web page. It is a JavaScript/XML tiny application. The whole thing is available in a Git repository
  • A very rough attempt at coding from scratch a blog engine in Python. It is quite ugly but I keep it around, just in case...
  • Gregorio: open source tools for typesetting and representing Gregorian chant scores by Élie Roux. I helped him set up the very first version of the current build system and fix a few bugs in the software. I am also not quite proud of my implementing its plugin subsystem but it actually works
  • My father's professional website: a Python-based site using Genshi templating